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ERHS’S background


ESWA, known as ‘Eletrisk Stral Varmer’ in the original Norwegian or ‘Electric Radiant Heating’ in English, was started in the mid 1930’s and became ESWA Ltd in 1959 in the UK – ESWA systems have been designed, supplied and installed continuously for over 60 years. ERHS are proud to continue that tradition.

Who do we provide ceiling and floor heating to?

We work with technical directors and property contractors on electric heating installations from the early stages, so that we can ensure that their project benefits from the most suitable ceiling heating and/or underfloor heating for their needs. Our advanced level of expertise helps purchasers make informed decisions and the wide range of products we supply are maintained at high stock levels for a quick and straightforward delivery process.

ESWA has provided ceiling and floor heating to many thousands of buildings of all types from churches, through schools, hotels and offices to nursing homes and private dwellings as both new build projects and refurbishments for developers and individuals.

About our electric heating systems

ERHS design heating systems that are controllable, comfortable, clean, efficient and maintenance-free. We don’t occupy valuable space, so that you are left with absolute freedom for decorating and furniture layouts.

Our electric radiant heating systems work by using the floor or ceiling as a low temperature large surface area heater. This allows them to gently warm the surfaces of the room, and then the air within the room, which comes with a number of advantages over some other type of heating system:

  • Gentle warmth that feels more natural
  • Air quality not affected
  • Humidity levels remain unchanged
  • Superior heat distribution, both vertically and horizontally

Our modern floor heating systems, and other low temperature radiant heating systems, use a large surface area at a low temperature to warm you and the building in a natural and comfortable way. The typical operating temperature will only be a few degrees above the air temperature desired by the occupant of a room. This produces a far more even heat distribution throughout the room, both vertically and horizontally. The nature of the system also eliminates the problems of carbonized dust and dry air and of course there are virtually no convection currents with the problems they can cause. This all adds up to produce a much more comfortable and natural environment.

For more information about ceiling and floor heating, or to enquire about, or book your electric heating installation, please contact us.

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